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Welcome to Naked Chic Decor

At Naked Chic Decor, we are driven by a passion for minimalism in interior design—a philosophy that less is truly more. Founded by a team of design enthusiasts and professionals, our mission is to unveil the beauty and tranquility that minimalist design can bring to any space. Our approach is unique, focusing not just on the aesthetics but on the essence of living simply and beautifully.

We believe that every space has the potential to become a serene, elegant, and functional environment. Our dedication to simplicity, quality, and functionality shines through in every project we undertake. By stripping back the unnecessary, we uncover the chic, naked beauty of each room, transforming houses into homes that breathe, inspire, and offer peace.


Transforming Spaces, Simplifying Lives

At Naked Chic Decor, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to help you embrace the minimalist lifestyle in your home or office. Our services include:

  • Mentoring: Dive deep into the world of minimalist design with our personalized mentoring sessions. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts and budding designers looking to refine their aesthetic and practical skills.
  • Consulting: Our consulting services provide tailored advice on achieving a minimalist design that reflects your personal style and meets your functional needs. Whether it’s a single room or an entire property, we’re here to guide you.
  • Personalized Design Planning: From concept to completion, we offer bespoke design plans that cater to your individual preferences and requirements. Let us help you create a space that’s not only beautiful but also truly yours.
  • Project Management: For those who wish for a hands-off approach, our project management service ensures your design project is executed flawlessly from start to finish, on time and within budget.


Let’s Create Something Beautiful Together

Ready to embark on your minimalist design journey? We’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us for any inquiries, consultations, or to start a conversation about your next project. Connect with us through the following channels:

Or simply fill out our contact form on the website, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.




Plan the first step in the four step process to achieve the desired outcome.




Design the second step in the four step process to achieve the desired outcome.




Execute the third step in the four step process to achieve the desired outcome.



Final Result

Complete the final step in the four step process to achieve a high-quality outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to get started?

Simply reach out to our team, share your ideas and watch as we craft a plan that brings your vision to life!

Managing Guest Invites

Our WordPress-powered website offers an intuitive “Invites” feature. Easily control and manage guest invitations, whether it’s done by our team or yours.

Need to Change Your Date?

Contact us and we’ll make every effort to accommodate your request!

Billing with Ease

To secure your booking, we only ask for a 50% initial payment and the remaining 50% is due 24 hours prior to your event.

How can I request a

To request a consultation, simply fill out the contact form on our website or send us an email at info@nakedchicdecor.com. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule a time that works for you.

Need help with your interior

We’re here to help! Whether you have a question, need advice, or want to discuss your project in more

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