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The Big Book of Chic: Interior Design Essentials

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Step into a world of timeless elegance and refined interiors with “The Big Book of Chic.” Written by renowned interior designer Miles Redd, this iconic coffee table book is a must-have for anyone passionate about interior design.

Imagine sipping a cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning while flipping through the pages of this beautiful book. As the sunlight streams through the window, you’re transported to stunning spaces adorned with luxurious fabrics, exquisite furniture, and captivating color palettes.

Each turn of the page reveals a new design inspiration, showcasing the best decor and design minds of our generation. From classic elegance to bold modernism, “The Big Book of Chic” offers a comprehensive collection of interior design essentials.

Whether you’re revamping your own living space or simply seeking inspiration, this extraordinary book will guide you through the art of creating beautifully curated interiors that reflect your personal style and elevate the ambiance of any room.

Key Takeaways:

  • “The Big Book of Chic” is a timeless coffee table book written by interior designer Miles Redd.
  • It showcases the best decor and design minds of our generation, offering a valuable resource for interior design enthusiasts.
  • From classic elegance to bold modernism, the book presents a comprehensive collection of interior design essentials.
  • Flip through the pages and be inspired by stunning spaces adorned with luxurious fabrics, exquisite furniture, and captivating color palettes.
  • “The Big Book of Chic” is a must-have for anyone passionate about interior design and seeking to create beautifully curated spaces.

Essential Interior Design Coffee-Table Books

The Big Book of Chic is just one of the essential interior design coffee-table books that every decor enthusiast should own. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your own home or looking to expand your design knowledge, these books offer a wealth of ideas and insights from renowned designers.

  • “More Beautiful: All-American Decoration” by Mark D. Sikes: This book celebrates the timeless beauty of American design, showcasing the art of mixing patterns, colors, and textures to create inviting spaces.
  • “Mario Buatta: Anatomy of a Decorator” by Emily Evans Eerdman: Explore the extravagant world of Mario Buatta, known for his signature use of chintz and whimsical touches. This book dives into Buatta’s celebrated career and his influential contributions to interior design.
  • “Inside: At Home with Great Designers”: Step into the personal spaces of renowned designers like Faye Toogood and Miles Redd. This book offers an intimate glimpse into their homes, revealing their unique design philosophies and inspirations.

These coffee-table books not only serve as sources of inspiration but also provide valuable insights into the design process and the creative minds behind some of the most captivating interiors.

Why are coffee-table books important for interior design enthusiasts?

Coffee-table books are more than just objects of aesthetic delight. They offer a tangible source of inspiration and education for interior design enthusiasts. These books provide a visual feast of beautifully curated interiors, showcasing the work of talented designers and their unique design approaches. They serve as a constant source of creativity and ideas, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in the world of interior design from the comfort of their own homes. As decorative pieces themselves, coffee-table books also enhance the visual appeal of any living space, adding sophistication and personality.

Redefining Comfort by Jake Arnold

In his book “Redefining Comfort,” interior designer Jake Arnold explores his dynamic style that seamlessly blends traditional English aesthetics with contemporary California design. With a keen eye for detail and an understanding of the importance of comfort, Arnold showcases nine of his most stunning projects, demonstrating how he achieves a remarkable balance between timelessness and freshness. In this book, readers will find inspiration and insights that can help them create comfortable and stylish interiors.

“My vision for design is to redefine comfort by embracing the beauty of traditional elements while infusing them with a contemporary twist. Each project is a testament to the notion that comfort and style can coexist harmoniously, creating spaces that are both visually striking and inviting.” – Jake Arnold

A Blend of Elegance and Modernity

Through stunning visuals and insightful commentary, “Redefining Comfort” takes readers on a journey through Arnold’s unique design approach. He combines classic English elements like rich fabrics, ornate furniture, and tailored details with the clean lines and natural materials often associated with modern California design.

Creating Timeless Spaces

Arnold’s projects in “Redefining Comfort” showcase his ability to create interiors that are both current and enduring. By carefully selecting timeless pieces and blending them with contemporary elements, he crafts spaces that will remain stylish for years to come. Whether it’s a cozy living room or an elegant dining area, Arnold demonstrates how to achieve a balance that feels effortlessly sophisticated.

Embracing Comfort

In “Redefining Comfort,” Jake Arnold emphasizes the importance of creating spaces that prioritize comfort without compromising style. Through the use of plush textures, inviting seating arrangements, and warm color palettes, he shows readers how to infuse a sense of coziness into their interiors. The result is a collection of rooms that are not only visually appealing but also inviting and livable.

If you’re looking to bring a touch of elegance and comfort into your home, “Redefining Comfort” by Jake Arnold is an essential addition to your design library. Explore Arnold’s exceptional style and discover the secrets to creating beautiful and livable spaces.

Mario Buatta: Anatomy of a Decorator by Emily Evans Eerdman

“Mario Buatta: Anatomy of a Decorator” is a tribute to the influential interior designer Mario Buatta. Written by his former protegé Emily Evans Eerdman, the book delves into Buatta’s iconic style, known as the “Prince of Chintz,” and examines his legacy in the world of interior design.”

Buatta, often referred to as the “Prince of Chintz,” was renowned for his exuberant and luxurious design aesthetic. His distinctive style, characterized by bold patterns, vibrant colors, and opulent accessories, became synonymous with timeless elegance. With a career spanning over five decades, Buatta created remarkable interiors for high-profile clients, including celebrities and members of royalty.

Mario Buatta: Anatomy of a Decorator

The book “Mario Buatta: Anatomy of a Decorator” offers a comprehensive insight into Buatta’s design philosophy and creative process. Through stunning visuals and detailed explanations, Eerdman sheds light on Buatta’s unmatched ability to create harmonious and visually striking spaces. Professionals and design enthusiasts alike can draw inspiration from Buatta’s ingenious use of color, texture, and proportion.

“The Prince of Chintz” left an indelible mark on the world of interior design, redefining traditional style with his unique approach. Mario Buatta’s designs were a perfect blend of classic and contemporary, bridging the gap between old-world charm and modern sensibilities. His meticulous attention to detail and unwavering passion for his craft set him apart as a true master of the art.”

Key Highlights of “Mario Buatta: Anatomy of a Decorator” Table of Contents
  • Examination of Buatta’s signature design elements
  • Insights into Buatta’s creative process and inspirations
  • Exploration of Buatta’s influential projects and their lasting impact
  • In-depth analysis of Buatta’s use of color, pattern, and texture
  • Showcasing Buatta’s collaborations with renowned artisans and craftsmen
  1. Introduction: The Legendary Mario Buatta
  2. Chapter 1: The Early Years: Buatta’s Design Journey
  3. Chapter 2: The “Prince of Chintz”: Unveiling Buatta’s Iconic Style
  4. Chapter 3: Creating Timeless Elegance: Buatta’s Decorating Principles
  5. Chapter 4: Iconic Projects: A Showcase of Buatta’s Masterpieces
  6. Chapter 5: Collaborations: Buatta’s Influence on the Design Industry
  7. Conclusion: The Legacy of Mario Buatta

By delving into Buatta’s life and career, “Mario Buatta: Anatomy of a Decorator” offers a glimpse into the brilliance and innovation that defined his work. From grand mansions to luxurious retreats, the book showcases Buatta’s ability to transform spaces into captivating realms that reflect his clients’ unique personalities and tastes.

This captivating book serves as a testament to the enduring impact of Mario Buatta’s contribution to the world of interior design. Whether you are a seasoned designer seeking inspiration or an avid admirer of exquisite interiors, “Mario Buatta: Anatomy of a Decorator” is an invaluable resource that celebrates the legacy of a true design icon.

Inside: At Home with Great Designers

“Inside: At Home with Great Designers” is a captivating book that grants readers exclusive access into the personal spaces of some of the most influential decorating minds. From the innovative designs of Faye Toogood to the sophisticated interiors of Miles Redd, this book offers an intimate glimpse into the uncharted realms of renowned designers’ homes.

Authored by a team of interior design experts, this book takes you on a visual journey like no other, exploring the unique creative ethos that drives these acclaimed designers. Discover their personal styles, inspirations, cherished collections, and how they curate their own living spaces with impeccable taste.

“Inside: At Home with Great Designers” unlocks the door to the inner sanctuaries of design luminaries. Explore the studios, libraries, and living rooms where their extraordinary ideas come to life. Through breathtaking photography and insightful commentary, this book celebrates the private worlds of design visionaries and enriches your understanding of their artistic process.

The Homes of Faye Toogood and Miles Redd

Within the pages of “Inside: At Home with Great Designers,” readers will have the pleasure of perusing the extraordinary residences of Faye Toogood and Miles Redd. These remarkable designers open the doors to their homes, revealing spaces that exemplify their avant-garde creativity and refined aesthetics.

Faye Toogood, known for her poetic minimalism, presents an abode that reflects her penchant for sculptural forms, muted tones, and organic materials. Her home becomes an extension of her design philosophy, striking a delicate balance between simplicity and artistic expression.

Miles Redd, on the other hand, invites readers into his opulent domain, where bold colors, eclectic patterns, and unexpected textures converge harmoniously. His home exudes the grandeur and sophistication that have made him a household name in the design industry.

Whether you’re an aspiring designer, a lover of beautiful interiors, or simply seeking inspiration for your own living space, “Inside: At Home with Great Designers” is a must-have addition to your coffee-table collection. Immerse yourself in the world of design excellence and glean valuable insights from these visionaries.

Table: Designers Featured in “Inside: At Home with Great Designers”
Faye Toogood Miles Redd
Ilse Crawford India Mahdavi
Veere Grenney David Netto

Embark on a visual journey through the captivating interiors of these renowned designers and witness the magic they create within their own homes. Let their spaces ignite your imagination and inspire you to infuse your own living environment with creativity and style.

Ken Fulk: The Movie in My Mind

Ken Fulk, a highly acclaimed interior designer, is known for his ability to infuse interiors with distinctive personality. In his coffee table book, Ken Fulk: The Movie in My Mind, he takes readers on a captivating journey through more than 30 years of his imaginative and enchanting design concepts.

The book showcases Fulk’s vivid, extravagant, and even bacchanalian worlds, offering a deeper understanding of his unique design approach. From a charming Napa Valley farmhouse to an opulent Manhattan clubhouse, each project featured in the book tells a story of creativity, artistry, and unparalleled attention to detail.

Every page of Ken Fulk: The Movie in My Mind is a visual feast, filled with stunning photography that brings Fulk’s captivating designs to life. It showcases his ability to create spaces that are not only beautiful but also deeply personal and reflective of the people who inhabit them.

By exploring Fulk’s vast portfolio, readers will gain valuable insights into his design philosophy and discover how he has elevated the concept of interior design to a whole new level. From lavish residences to luxurious hotels and extravagant events, his work embodies a sense of grandeur and theatricality.

With his signature style of mixing high and low elements, Fulk creates spaces that are eclectic, bold, and full of character. He seamlessly blends antiques with modern pieces and combines unexpected textures and patterns to create visually captivating interiors.

The Inspiration Behind the Book

“Ken Fulk: The Movie in My Mind” offers a glimpse into my creative process and the inspiration behind my designs. It captures the spirit of storytelling and the transformative power of design. With this book, I hope to inspire readers to embrace their own creativity and create spaces that truly reflect their unique personalities.”

Through his book, Fulk invites readers to step into his world and experience the magic that unfolds within each of his designs. Whether you’re an interior design enthusiast or simply appreciate artistry and imagination, Ken Fulk: The Movie in My Mind is a must-have addition to your coffee table book collection.

Book Title Author Highlights
Ken Fulk: The Movie in My Mind Ken Fulk Revisits over 30 years of Fulk’s captivating design concepts
The Big Book of Chic Miles Redd Essential bible of good taste in interior design
Redefining Comfort Jake Arnold Explores the fusion of traditional and contemporary design

Woman Made: Great Women Designers

“Woman Made: Great Women Designers” is a remarkable tribute to the remarkable women who have made significant contributions to the field of design. From the Bauhaus movement to post-modernism, this book sheds light on the talented female designers who have often been overlooked in the annals of history. Through in-depth biographies and stunning visuals, the book showcases the works of these visionary women, celebrating their achievements and impact on the design world.

Featuring pioneering designers such as Ray Eames, Florence Knoll, and Zaha Hadid, “Woman Made: Great Women Designers” serves as both a visual ode and an educational tool for design enthusiasts. The book explores the unique perspectives and innovative approaches of these women, highlighting their exceptional talents and the lasting influence of their work.

The narrative of “Woman Made: Great Women Designers” is beautifully complemented by captivating images that bring the designs to life. Each page unveils the creative process and the artistic brilliance of these female makers, inspiring readers to appreciate the artistry and vision behind their creations.

“Design is a universal language, and these women have spoken it eloquently and proudly. Their creations have shaped the world of design, paving the way for future generations to follow in their footsteps.”

– Jane Thompson, Design Historian

This book is a testament to the power of women in design and serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring designers, historians, and design enthusiasts alike. It celebrates the resilience, creativity, and groundbreaking achievements of these visionary women, reminding us of their enduring legacy in the world of design.

Notable Designers Featured in “Woman Made: Great Women Designers”

Designer Design Field Major Works
Ray Eames Furniture Design Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman
Florence Knoll Interior Design Knoll Sofa and Tulip Chair
Zaha Hadid Architectural Design Heydar Aliyev Center and Guangzhou Opera House
Eileen Gray Furniture and Interior Design E-1027 Side Table and Bibendum Chair
Mary Blair Graphic Design It’s a Small World

These extraordinary women and their remarkable contributions are just a glimpse into the diverse range of talents represented in “Woman Made: Great Women Designers.” The book invites readers to explore the multitude of disciplines and design fields in which women have excelled, examining their influence and groundbreaking work that continues to shape the design landscape today.

Japanese Interiors

“Japanese Interiors” is a captivating exploration of the timeless and minimalist decor tradition of Japan. Through the lens of 28 private residences, this book delves into the essence of Japanese interior design. From the sleek lines of brutalist buildings in Tokyo to the serene concrete escape of Kantō’s seaside, it showcases an array of architectural marvels.

With a focus on visual storytelling, “Japanese Interiors” presents a rich tapestry of Japanese design aesthetics. The book offers inspiration for incorporating the beauty and serenity of Japanese interiors into contemporary homes. It demonstrates how traditional Japanese elements, such as the concept of wabi-sabi and the use of natural materials, can seamlessly merge with modern living spaces.

Highlighting the global influence of Japanese design, “Japanese Interiors” showcases the impact of Japanese culture beyond its borders. From minimalistic furniture to Zen gardens, the book illustrates Japan’s profound contributions to the world of interior design. Whether you seek tranquility or a harmonious blend of simplicity and functionality, this book is a gateway to the artistry inherent in Japanese interiors.

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